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We are on a journey to become more like Jesus! Our mountain is discipleship and we are committed to climbing it together. The Climb is a two-year discipleship program that is designed to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus through small group study and discussion, practical ministry opportunities, and exciting learning experiences.

Enroll in The Climb

Year One

Become A Disciple / Be a Servant

  1. Growing Strong
  2. Deepening Your Roots
  3. Bearing Fruit

Complete 24 ministry hours
Attend a Leadership Retreat

Year Two

Make Disciples / Be a Leader

  • Threads: Weaving the Gospel into Everyday Conversations
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Lead or co-lead a Year One Class

Complete 24 ministry leadership hours
Go on an International Missions Trip (Mission’s scholarships available for those participating in The Climb)

All Classes are offered as eGroups at various times and locations (see latest eGroup catalog to sign up for a class)   //   Estimated cost of curriculum: $60 (pay per class at the time of the class)

Upon graduation you will receive a certificate of completion and be commissioned to “GO therefore and make disciples” during our Graduation Sunday Service.  You will be equipped to take on ministry leadership rolls here at Calvary Chapel South or to be sent out elsewhere on mission for Jesus!

Next Step:

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