Norma Philips – “New Meaning”


Norma Philips is a new believer here at Calvary Chapel South and we praise God for bringing her here to us.

Norma’s childhood was unpleasant. She suffered horrific abuse and her life was threatened multiple times. She began her life questioning if God exists and why He would allow her to suffer such terrible abuse.

Norma went on to work 35 years in the medical field, get married, and have twin daughters. She has always had a compassionate heart and loved helping people. She found herself living a “normal” life, but she never really felt happy. She kept busy and felt vaguely satisfied with life, but never happy. Norma knew there had to be more. Norma has since been divorced and is now retired. Her children are grown and she has four grandkids. For the past decade Norma has been searching for that “something more.” Over the years, Norma noticed that the Christian people she met had an extra sparkle in their eye. She wanted that. She began visiting many different churches, but didn’t find what she was looking for.

It wasn’t until God sent Barbara into Norma’s life that she began to recognize His love for her. Barbara had been a Christian for 50 years and knew that Norma needed to hear the Gospel. She simply shared the good news with Norma, recognizing that Norma needed a gentle approach in order to listen. Norma surrendered her life to Jesus and began attending church with Barbara where she felt the Word of God touch many aspects of her life. She began reading the Bible and attending a small group where she could ask questions.

Norma recently took the “Hems of the Garmet” class in order to deal with her past trauma. There she learned many lessons, but most importantly she learned to confess her sins and that God was faithful and just to forgive her.

God has completely transformed her heart and her thoughts. Her normal, but unhappy life has been given new meaning. She has let the Light of the World come into her heart and turn her sadness into joy. Norma recognizes God’s presence in her life every minute of every day and often considers how her actions and speech can be pleasing to God.

Norma is a swimmer and loves to talk to God as she does her laps. She loves the journey she is on with Jesus and she only wishes she had come to Him earlier in life. Norma now encourages people to recognize that Jesus is with them and He loves them no matter their circumstance.

All you need to do is accept Him and a whole new beautiful world opens up for you!